12.21.18 Fri

  1. Friday before break! No doctor’s. Work was pretty quick and easy, and I rocked another SRP and the IA went great! (remember tilly’s tit)
  2. Suddenly feeling much better than yesterday
  3. A magical winter solstice restorative yoga practice, also a full moon
  4. Lots of new goals and realizations
  5. Lance’s hard work on the truck. Grandpa would be proud:)

12.20.18 Thurs

  1. A sweet, sweet day off ❤
  2. Running a mile lap with Indy! She got to go off leash and LOVED it. We both had a blast. I used it as a warm up mile to my run (which included 5 x 30 sec hills)
  3. The wonderful women of HoCo, their support and advice and love
  4. Time alone to think and journal and process
  5. Talking to Wendy!

12.19.18 Wed

  1. That the day went smoothly, calmly, and quickly
  2. I feel really good and proud of the SRP I did. I was a bit nervous going into it, being the Dr’s dad, but I was able to correct my IA successfully, and he ended up falling asleep and snoring during the cleaning anyway! I also did an extra quadrant, and got finished with enough time to feel relaxed and at ease with how I did. Success.
  3. Getting a full lunch hour and even getting out early. Both are such rarities! Plus the most polite and sweet 13 year old kid to end the day
  4. Getting Muchas Gracias as a treat to myself while Lance is out of town
  5. Watching the Survivor finale live! Glad that a ‘David’ won. Also multi-tasked by reading during commercials (and did my strength workout)
  6. Forever grateful that I no longer work at GFD…every week I would have dread and anxiety thinking about Thursdays…now they’re light and easy and I have no work at all tomorrow! Easing into this Christmas break 🙂

Tues 12.18.18

  1. Slept in a bit and then had a glorious 90 minute massage. It hurt so good, she got all the right places
  2. Reading lots of my Michelle Obama book
  3. Sent off all the grandparent gifts. Also talked to all of the grandparents!
  4. A super yummy and quite fancy HelloFresh dinner
  5. Somehow glorious weather for a run?!  The sun was shining and it felt so warm! I thought for sure I’d have to take my running indoors, but it lives another day. Portland is just the best.

12.16.18 Sunday

  1. Cleaned and tidied everything! Nice.
  2. Finished our truck bed!! So exciting :))
  3. Cousin and his gf got here and stayed for the night! Fun meeting her and  getting to hang out with them
  4. Watched Bird Box which ended up being the perfect movie to watch. A bit thrilling, lots to talk about, question, and make fun of. Plus it’s not even out yet which makes it fun.
  5. How truly excited she was to play our train board game hahah gotta love the enthusiasm!

12.15.18 Saturday

  1. Went on my longest run in…several years. I’ve officially been running consistently for 10 weeks now! NICE! Super proud. Tons of fun looking at all my data and stats 🙂
  2. We started the truck bed build! I got to use the drill a lot and it was actually pretty fun! Also cool to spend the majority of the day outside in mid December
  3. Got to ride around in the cart at Home Depot. Got quite a few stares and comments
  4. Making my vision board
  5. Sleeping in and staying up late. yayy weekends!

12.14.18 Friday

Oops it’s been over a year since my last post on here. Doesn’t mean I’m not grateful!

  1. Today felt much easier to me than the past two (almost laughably) difficult days.
  2. Realizations that my life, well being, happiness, and stress levels should come before getting every piece of plaque off of a stranger’s teeth. Hallelujah! Sweet Jesus!
  3. Taking time and space to myself after work…to meditate, stretch, journal, and calm down. All while putting Lance to work cooking 😉
  4. The vegan quiche we made. Food, glorious food can often take me out of a bad mood.  Spoiler: I’m usually just hangry.
  5. The Pitmans bought us Starbucks today. And finally hired a new assistant!